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Who is that behind the lens?

Who:   Dad (George 13), husband (Trish 40ish), adventurer, entrepreneur, futures trader, and Injury lawyer.

Where:   Born in KY; raised in TN; schooled in the south, Europe, and on the street; migrated to CO in 2008.

Passions:   Exploring, discovering, learning, cycling, skiing, fixing things, puttering... oh yeah, and photography.

Annoyances:   Crowds, wasting time, inconsiderate people, sleeping in.

Fave quotes:   "The trouble is, we think we have time."             "Life is short... you can sleep when you're dead."

Fun facts:   Licensed pilot, certified scuba diver, AIARE Level I Avalanche certification, Cat 3 bike racer, fluent in spanish, decent cook, self taught in most things.

2016 Goals:   Take the boy on more travel adventures (check - Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Key West, Iceland, road tripping); be a better partner (verdict pending); get an RV.

From Business panoramas to product promotion to customized sessions in epic locations, John Flora Photography can forever preserve your moment or story. Contact me to discuss your specific needs and we can tailor the perfect shoot.

Be sure to check out my sister site www.RacerShots.com for sporting action around Colorado.


1-855-JMFLORA (563-5672)

357 S. McCaslin Boulevard, Suite 200, Louisville, Colorado, 80027, USA

For those interested, I shoot exclusively with Nikon gear.

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